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Follow these Steps to get your Mass Motorcycle Permit & License


Step 1 - Take the Permit Test

Visit any Registry of Motor Vehicles and pass the permit test, this test is given on their computer. You DO NOT need to make an appointment. The fee for the permit is $30.00. Most people pass the test the first time. However, if you would like to study, you should review the MA Motorcycle Drivers Manual.  All of the questions for the Motorcycle Permit test are from the Motorcycle Manual.  Click here to download the Mass RMV Motorcycle Manual. Starting March 26th, when you go to the RMV to get a permit you must prove lawful presence.  If only proving lawful presence then, eventually, you will receive a standard license.  Since you are going to the RMV, you should bring the 4 documents required to obtain REAL ID. You can prepare by visiting your Profile by clicking the link below:


Step 2 - Update your RMV Profile and Prove Lawful Presence (see above)

Click the link below which will bring you to the RMV website. Under the word Featured, click the "Access My Profile" link. Fill in Date of Birth, Last Name, License/Permit # and last 4 digits of your Social Security # and it should take you to your profile.

On your customer profile you will see the “I want to” section (if you don’t see it click “more…”)

Select “Prove Lawful Presence” and the system will walk you through the process to “Prove Lawful Presence”.

If not, you may need to visit an RMV Service Center.


Step 3 - Pay the License Endorsement Fee

During your visit to the RMV pay your License Endorsement Fee up to ($15.00).  This is the fee to reprint your Mass Drivers License with the M Endorsement for Motorcycle. You can also prepay your Motorcycle License Endorsement Fee by going online to your Profile.


Step 4 - Register For Your Class

If you successfully complete either the Beginner/Basic or Experienced RiderCourse, have a valid Massachusetts motorcycle permit at the time, and your permit does not expire for at least 2 week following the course completion date, you'll qualify for licensing through the course with no further testing at the registry! The Road Test is done by our school.

Upon successful completion of the course, your permit number and pass status will be processed through the Massachusetts RMV. The RMV will mail students either their motorcycle-only license or a motorcycle endorsement on their existing license (you won't even need to go back to the registry!). Please note that RMV mailing of license is dependent on RMV fees being paid. Pre-Payments to the RMV can be made with credit card. Please ensure the RMV has your proper mailing address, as they will mail your new license directly to you. 


Click Here to Choose Your Experience Level and a Training Location Near You


Out of State Students - Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine

Mass Motorcycle School is recognized by the states of NH & RI & ME as a Certified MSF Training School.  Upon successfully completing the (BRC) Basic Rider Course we will mail you your Out of State Completion Certificate necessary for Licensing in your state.


If you are at the RMV and they can not find your course completion information, the following will help:


To see that you have “completed motorcycle training” in ATLAS, the clerk should:


  1. Go to the Customer Spring Board (BLUE)
  2. Click on the “CRM” tab
  3. Click on the “Indicators” subtab


If you have an active motorcycle permit, proved Lawful Presence online, and completed motorcycle training, the clerk can process your DM license.  Pay the fee (if any).  The new motorcycle endorsement fee is prorated based on the time left on your Driver’s License.  For example, if you have 3 years remaining on the Driver’s License, your endorsement fee would be $9.00 ($3.00 x 3 years = $9.00).


We cannot guarantee licensing in any state, you will have to check with the registry in your home state. Many other states do accept successful completion of a MSF approved RiderCourse for licensing even if completed in another state, some require that you complete the course in their state. New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine do accept completion of the program in MA for licensing in their state. If you have any questions for states other than Massachusetts, check with your local RMV office, or visit, for a listing of state coordinators (membership) to contact about reciprocity.


Downloadable Manuals


Mass RMV Motorcycle Manual.

MSF Class Handbook.