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Refresher Motorcycle Training Course:

Ready to ride but need to tune up your skills?

The Refresher Course is for someone that has completed the Basic Rider Course and would like to have additional supervised riding time.

The Refresher Course allows the student to be part of the riding sessions of the Basic Rider Course without the classroom. The student will participate in the 5 hr riding segment over two days totaling 10 hrs of supervised riding time.

Maybe you want to build your confidence before you take out your shinny new bike? 

Register for our Refresher Course!

10 hours of riding time covering:

• Straight-line riding
• Turning
• Shifting
• Braking
• Advanced turning and braking
• Swerving
• Skills test

We supply the Bike and helmet


Tuition: $250


Please note: THE REFRESHER COURSE DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU FOR A MOTORCYCLE LICENSE! You must complete our Basic Rider Course or Experienced Rider Course to eligible to receive your Motorcycle License. The refresher course is for a new rider with a permit or a license that wants to improve their skills.


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