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A MSF Certified Motorcycle Rider Training School located in Massachusetts that provides Motorcycle Training Lessons and Certification to Beginner and Advanced Riders.


Serving: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Maine


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Can-Am Spyder Beginners  (License Waiver Applies)

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Pass the Course, Get Your License!  Receive a 10% Insurance Discount For Life!

Successful completion of either the Beginner (BRC) or Experienced Rider Course (BRC2) is recognized by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles as fulfilling the motorcycle road test requirement. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must obtain your motorcycle learner's permit before attending the first class. (However, you do not need a permit to take any of our classes) Pre Pay the $15.00 License Endorsement Fee to the RMV prior to taking your class. If you have not already, log on to the RMV website, choose "Access My Profile", update your profile, check to see if you have any outstanding fees, and walk through "Prove Lawful Presence". Failure to do so will delay the processing of your license. If you've obtained a learners permit, bring a clear photocopy to the first class meeting. 

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S to the left) for links to RMV, MSF and Mass Motorcycle School Downloadable Manuals in PDF format.


NOTE:  All Student Confirmation Notices will be sent via Email at the end of your registration process.  During your registration you will be asked to make two class date choices.  Your second choice will only be used if necessary.  Ninety-Nine percent of the registrations will be your First Choice.  You will receive a reminder email on the Thursday prior to your First Choice Scheduled Class.


Out of State Students:  Mass Motorcycle School is recognized by the states of NH & RI as a Certified MSF Training School.


We have gift certificates available for our rider courses. Give the gift of skill with a gift certificate for one of our courses.
The Three Steps necessary  to Get your Motorcycle Permit and License thru Mass Motorcycle School
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Some Useful Resources:


The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Online. Please keep in mind that information on motorcycle licensing does change, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us with questions.
Not from Massachusetts? Check out the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators for contacts for rider training in your home state.
The Beginner and Experienced RiderCourses that Mass Motorcycle School offers are based on Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curricula. The instructors that MMS employs are MSF certified with additional approval from the Registry of Motor Vehicles
The Registry of Motor Vehicle's Massachusetts Motorcycle Rider Education Program provides Mass Motorcycle School with training motorcycles, technical support, and oversees the rider training program in Massachusetts.
The THINK! motorcycle safety campaign, based in the UK, encourages drivers in an urban environment to "THINK! Take longer to look for bikes", through TV and radio ads. At the same time, riders are reminded how to make sure that they are seen via an outdoor poster campaign.
A look at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's MSF Ridercourse. This is the course to take to get your motorcycle liscense. It's a 15 hour 2-day course.